Annual Dinner

In February 2024, GME Carbon Sdn Bhd hosted their annual dinner, transforming it into a captivating “Cosplay Night.” Colleagues stepped into the shoes of their favorite characters, donning costumes inspired by anime, superheroes, and other fantastical realms. The venue buzzed with excitement as attendees mingled,… Read More »Annual Dinner

Emergency Response Team

In September 2023, GME Carbon Sdn Bhd collaborated with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia to conduct a comprehensive training program titled “Emergency Response Team” at Balai Bomba Johor Jaya. Colleagues immersed themselves in rigorous drills, mastering protocols for swift and effective emergency management.… Read More »Emergency Response Team


In June 2023, GME Carbon diligently orchestrated a housekeeping program within the factory premises. This proactive initiative aimed to maintain impeccable cleanliness, ensuring a comfortable and conducive workplace for all. Colleagues swept away dust, organized workstations, and fostered an environment where productivity thrived amidst tidiness.

Annual Dinner

In January 2023, GME Carbon Sdn Bhd hosted a momentous annual dinner, intertwining the elegance of a “Traditional Night” with the jubilation of their 20th anniversary. Colleagues adorned themselves in attire reminiscent of bygone eras, celebrating two decades of shared achievements and camaraderie. The venue… Read More »Annual Dinner

Company Trip and Team Building

The GME Carbon team embarked on a company trip and team-building excursion to the picturesque Genting Highlands in October 2022. During their stay at the Swiss Garden Genting Highlands, they actively participated in engaging team-building activities facilitated by the skilled trainer from Myclass Training PLT.